What I hate/love about being a Sagittarius


(This is based on the messages you sent me, if you´re not an aquarius/capricorn/libra/scorpio/saggitarius, please send me what sign you are, and what you love and hate about your sign and I´ll use it in the next posts!)

What I love:
"I’m a Sag and I love our ability to see the big picture and mentally prioritise what the greater issues are. And, having a sense of humour never hurts :D "

"I’m a sag and I love that for the most part nothing really stressed me out. I’m carefree and worry free."

"As a Sagittarius, I love… pretty much everything about my sign. We’re individual, independent, optimistic, fun to be around, have no capacity to lie and don’t see the point in lingering on negativity or the past, as it’s a waste of our time and energy."


What I hate:
"The part of myself that I hate is that I’ve realized I’m pretty temporary. My favorite foods change. As well as things and colors. I could love something and never be sure if I will love it in the passing years. People included."

"What I dislike is how easily we drop things we lose interest in. Always being future-oriented keeps us sane in a way but it can leave behind a lot of mess. Also,we’re expert exaggerators and we tend to either be too general or abstract about stuff so that’s a minus / shrug. ps: Happy Easter!" (Happy easter to you too! <3)

"Though, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s how unsympathetic we can be, especially when it comes to honesty and giving advice."


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When it comes to cooking, not everyone is at the same skill level

*gordon ramsay voice* what the fuck is this

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*sweats nervously*

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Pokémon Reorchestrated.
by Franz Anthony.

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